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Leadership Team

Meet our amazing leaders that make IMC so great every year!

IMC Leadership Team

Meet the amazing people dedicated to ensuring your camper has an amazing experience while at IMC.


Anne hasn’t missed a season of IMC in over 48 years!

Anne began her career at IMC as a camper, playing violin in the orchestra. After several exciting seasons as a camper she became a mentor and then spent several seasons as head staff. Some of Anne’s closest friendships and fondest memories were developed at IMC.

Anne has been the Director of IMC for the past 23 years. Under her leadership, Ontario’s finest Band and Orchestra Camp has branched out to include all of its other exciting, innovative programs. Affectionately known around camp as “mom”, Anne is the face of IMC.  Her commitment to IMC doesn’t end on Labour Day.  She works tirelessly throughout the year, speaking to parents, attending conferences and camp shows, and coordinating staff, faculty and programs for each new season.

Anne recently retired as the Coordinator of the Piano Technology Program at Western University, Canada’s only Piano Technology Program. A well-respected lecturer and leader in the field, she has been training Piano Technicians for 29 years.

Music runs in the family ~ Anne’s two sons and husband are also avid musicians.

KEVIN ANDERSON (Assistant Director)

Kevin has been a part of the IMC family for over 30 years.  He joined us as a Faculty Assistant, worked as a Unit Head for several years, and now works in the office throughout the year.  Kevin is the Head of Music at Tommy Douglas Secondary School in York Region and is also the Director of Music of the Band of the Royal Regiment of Canada, a Canadian Forces Reserves Band based in Toronto.

GILLIAN MCDOWELL (Assistant Director)

Gillian has been a part of IMC for over twenty five years. She began as a Manitou staff member teaching water skiing to IMC campers, she joined the IMC Mentor team and then started working in the camp office. Gillian is now an Assistant Director and throughout the year Gillian communicates with parents, organizes and maintains camper registrations and accounts. Gillian is also a Principal with the York Region District School Board.

SCOTT HARRISON (Assistant Director)

Scott Harrison is the Head of Music at Dr. G.W. William Secondary School, a school with a very long and proud history of musical excellence.  He is very involved with music education is Ontario and has held positions organizing regional, provincial and national honour bands since 2011.  He is currently the President of the Canadian Band Association and is a Past President of the Ontario Band Association. The OBA presented Scott with a Lifetime Membership in 2020.  Along with this he is the former Pipe Major of the Toronto Police Grade 2 Pipe Band, whom he led to a 3rd place finish at the North American Pipe Band Championships in 2019.  Under his direction the band was undefeated in 2018 and won the Ontario Championship Supreme award from the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario in 2017 and 2018. The band won four straight US Open Championships, and the 2018 North American Championship under Scott’s guidance.

AMY ABBOTT (Assistant Director)

Amy has been a part of the IMC family since 2000 where she took on the role as a mentor. Since, she has acted in the Head Staff role, working on Logistics and now helps out as an Assistant Director. Some of Amy's most fond memories and valued friendships happened in the most ridiculous moments of camp leadership!

Outside of her camp life, Amy is a music teacher at Thomas A. Blakelock high school in Oakville. As a teacher, Amy values the magical experience of touring and she has had the opportunity to travel with students to Chicago, Halifax, Boston and even China! She values her work with the Creative Process and pushing students to further grasp their understanding of Transferable Skills and how music can benefit them in any occupation where they find themselves in an adult life.

Amy is thrilled to be back at camp with her kids to join in the fun and can't wait to see what new experiences will come in generations of future musicians.


Danielle first attended camp IMC when she was 11 years old and became a mentor at the age of 17. She is a recent graduate from Western's Bachelor of Music program with a specialization in education and a minor in English. She is currently attending the Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto. Danielle believes that experiences in music can change kids' lives for the better. Being part of IMC allows her to work with a team of professionals, staff and campers that share the same passion for music. A priority for a Head Staff member is to ensure the safety and well being of each camper. By getting to know the campers and by being actively involved in their experiences, Danielle is committed to ensuring that everyone gets the most out of their experience and leaves with fun-filled memories.

Danielle looks forward to another exciting and rewarding time at camp, see you there!

BRONWYN PEAT (Activities Director)

Bronwyn has been a member of the IMC family for many years as both a camper and mentor, and now in her new role of Activities Director. She is a graduate of Acadia University holding a Bachelors of Community Development. She is currently a program leader and teachers assistant in Vancouver B.C..

Her passion for the outdoors and athletics have given her the opportunity to run programs and activities throughout Canada. Bronwyn can’t wait to implement new and engaging activities for the IMC campers to enjoy!

Her fondest memories of summer have always been those from IMC. From running down to the docks with her friends to jump into the water to playing beach volleyball on the courts during free time. Bronwyn is excited to be back at IMC, reconnecting with everyone and providing the positive experiences to campers that she always had at IMC!

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