Los Cabos Drumsticks is a Canadian company located in the province of New Brunswick on the country’s east coast. With its distinct coastline, full of capes and inlets stretching from Quebec’s Gaspé Peninsula to the northern tip of the state of Maine, founders Larry and Gillian Guay chose the name Los Cabos (the cape) as a way to reflect both the unique qualities of their home province, as well as the wide world of music to which their products appeal.

While 2005 saw the initial dowels lathed to become the world’s first Los Cabos Drumsticks, a long history of woodworking preceded their entrance into the world of music.  For many years previous, they Larry and Gillian operated a wood turning business, turning legs for tables and chairs until a chance one-time contract opened their eyes to the exciting and ever-changing world that is the music industry.

Together with his wife Gillian, the two set off across the country, sticks in hand, on one of the most comprehensive door to door sales campaigns in Canadian history.  Traveling to every major city center in the country, these two determined individuals began to not only turn heads with their wide range of quality, Canadian-made products but also with the way they chose to do business.  At the time, many retailers were witnessing a shift in the way several companies were operating.  Many were moving from door to door visits to telephone conversations, and eventually to online orders devoid of human interaction.  In the midst of this systematic streamlining between distributor and retailer, in walked Larry and Gill with a bag of drumsticks and friendly smile!

Over the past decade and a half, Los Cabos has evolved from a small-scale family business to one of the best known boutique lines in North America, deserving to be mentioned in the same breath as the biggest names in drumstick production. They have built a reputation on their loyalty to distributors, extremely responsive customer service, and a product built with care and the utmost attention to detail.