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Health and Safety

Camper's health and safety is our top concern.

IMC Health and Safety

At IMC we take great measures to ensure the camp is an unquestionably safe environment for your camper.

Health Care

Your camper's health is extremely important to us. 

  •  Fully equipped health care center
  •  Health care staff on-site 24 hours per day
  •  All camper medications are stored in the health center and dispensed from the health care center
  • Sun screen is available throughout camp
  • AED and oxygen on-site
  • Epi-pens in locations throughout camp
  • Parry Sound Hospital is just 20 minutes from camp
  • Camp Director is available for consultation regarding your camper prior to or during camp
  • It is imperative that the online health form  be completed before camp begins. It can be found by logging into your registration account. It is important that IMC is aware of all camper health issues. 


IMC takes the care of your camper very seriously. We are committed to providing a safe and secure camp experience for all the campers in our care.

  • All waterfront staff are certified and trained in the activity they are offering
  • Risk management of site, facilities and activity areas strictly enforced
  • Emergency procedures explained and practiced at the beginning of each session
  • First aid kits located throughout camp
  • Epi-pens available throughout camp
  • Sun screen stations throughout the camp
  • Interprovincial Music Camp is OCA accredited

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