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IMC Jazz

We are encouraging musicians 12 years of age and older to come and hone their skills with some of the finest jazz educators in the country.

Jazz Info
  • Date : Aug. 23 - Aug. 28
  • Fee : $885.00
  • Apply : Apply Today


will meet on a daily basis to develop essentials of jazz performance in both large and small ensemble settings.Tuning, balance, blend, articulation and fundamental concepts in all jazz styles will be discussed, in addition to jazz improvisation.


are held daily. In addition to classes, and at discretion of the Faculty Member involved, individual instruction may be arranged.


featuring performances by the jazz faculty. "After Hours Sessions" each evening provide an opportunity for the campers to perform for their peers.


In ONE week, aspiring jazz vocalists have a unique opportunity to work with Sophia on developing their individual solo voices and musicianship skills through solo singing and ensemble performances in a fun and safe environment!

In masterclass, participants will learn and develop their knowledge of selected standard jazz repertoire and learn jazz concepts through various vocal and improvisational techniques. 

Daily listening to some of the legendary vocal figures in jazz as well as some of the newer singers on the scene will be incorporated into each class.

Solo coaching will help prepare singers for their final performance.

Vocal Schedule includes:

  • Daily Vocal Master class – vocal technique, jazz concepts, mic technique, improvisation
  • Daily listening session – how and what to listen to for inspiration
  • Daily Combo session – singing in a small ensemble setting
  • Big Band – singing and rehearsing with a big band
  • Private lessons, one-on-one coaching of solo songs and vocal jazz repertoire
  • Evening faculty & Student Performances
  • Free time
Important Information
  • Drummers must supply their own drum set, sticks and brushes.
  • Singers are encouraged to supply their own microphone and cable (XLR). If you are unable to do so, a credit card number must be provided prior to camp for a deposit of $100.00 for a microphone and cable to be provided by IMC. This deposit will be credited back to your credit card upon the return of the microphone and cable prior to departing camp.
Cabin Requests
  • Campers are assigned to cabins with other campers of similar age and program.
  • If you and your friend(s) want to be in the same cabin, just send us an email anne@campimc.ca with your names and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Please note, you will not receive a reply to your email regarding cabin requests.

A Typical Day

Campers may take advantage of the sports and recreation facilities which include a complete waterfront of sailing, swimming, water-skiing and canoeing, as well as as well as yoga, beach volleyball, tennis, basketball and more. Evening programs will include campfires, a talent show, movie night, and other traditional camp activities.

  • Wake up and get ready for a GREAT day!
  • Breakfast
  • Masterclasses
  • Options:
    1. Vocal Workshop 
    2. Jazz Keyboard 
    3. Jazz Materials
  • Large Ensemble / Rhythm Section Workshop
  • Director's Session / Faculty Presentation
  • Lunch
  • Jazz Combo / Improv Workshops
  • Free Time
  • Dinner
  • Bleacher Meeting
  • Evening Concert
  • Jam Sessions and Evening Program (campfire, corn roast, talent show, movie night, etc)
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