This summer music camp offers a challenging instrumental and musical experience geared to the needs of young string musicians from grades 5 through 12 and young brass, wind, and percussion students from grades 7 through 12.

The program is designed to accommodate players ranging from the most talented and proficient, that play in our "symphonic" ensembles, to the less experienced players who join the "concert" ensembles. IMC is proud to announce the return of our String Orchestra, established to meet the needs of emerging young string players. On the first day all players take part in auditions that are used to determine which of these large ensembles they will be joining.

Campers may take advantage of the sports and recreation facilities which include a complete waterfront of sailing, swimming, water-skiing and canoeing, as well as as well as yoga, beach volleyball, tennis, basketball and more. Evening programs will include campfires, a talent show, movie night, and other traditional camp activities.

A Typical Day

  • Wake up and get ready for a GREAT day!
  • Breakfast
  • Full Rehearsals for Band / Orchestra
  • Choral Workshop 
  • Chamber Music Rehearsal 
  • Lunch
  • Masterclass / Sectional 
  • Waterfront / Free Time Activities
  • Dinner
  • Bleacher Meeting 
  • Evening Concert 
  • Evening Program (campfire, corn roast, talent show, movie night, etc)

Important Information

  • Campers must bring their own music stand
  • Percussionists must bring their own sticks and mallets
  • Trumpet/Trombone players must bring a straight mute

Cabin Requests

  • Campers are assigned to cabins with other campers of similar age and program.
  • If you and your friend(s) want to be in the same cabin, just send us an email with your names and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Please note, you will not receive a reply to your email regarding cabin requests.