Les Cooper


On his debut solo album, Noise, Toronto-based producer, multi-instrumentalist and arranger Les Cooper is stepping out on his own with eight tracks that delve deep into his sonic toolbox, creating a stunningly textured listening experience grounded in thought provoking songwriting.

For over two decades, Cooper has been regarded as one of Canada’s leading music producers, having earned Junos, Gold records and multiple awards, for his work with some of Canada’s best artists. His productions and writing have been featured in films, television shows and commercials but Les has always been behind the scenes. With Noise, Cooper finally allows himself to push the envelope with all of his creative faculties, aided by a stellar band consisting of keyboardist Robbie Grunwald, drummer Lyle Molzan and bassist Mark McIntyre, with the results adding up to a deeply layered and thought provoking listen which can be both soothing and unsettling, depending on one’s state of mind.

In all, Les Cooper’s Noise is a stunning first impression of an artist who has long been comfortable in the background, but is now poised to reveal the full extent of his talent.