IMC Songwriting

IMC Songwriting

The IMC Songwriting program is designed to accommodate campers who are musical beginners to those who have experience playing an instrument, singing, composing, improvising and recording. The program will be about communication; expressing musical ideas, learning to create complimentary melodies, sounds and rhythms through improvisation. Campers will create something 'new' in solo and group settings.

You can attend IMC Songwriting during Session I and/or Session II.

Meet the faculty

  • Typical Day
    • Song circles
    • Listening
    • Writing Activities - structured and free exercises
    • Recording
    • Songwriter Open Mic Performances

    Campers may take advantage of the sports and recreation facilities which include a complete waterfront of sailing, swimming, water-skiing, wakeboarding and tubing, as well as beach volleyball, tennis, basketball, tetherball and minigolf! Evening programs will include campfires, cornroast, talent show, movie night, and other traditional camp activities.

  • Important Information
    • Campers bring their own guitar, ukulele or keyboard (preferably battery operated) for use in their creative process
  • Cabin Requests
    • Campers are assigned to cabins with other campers of similar age and program.
    • If you and your friend(s) want to be in the same cabin, just send us an email with your names and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Please note, you will not receive a reply to your email regarding cabin requests.